Movie Minutes

Thoughtful reviews of movies in minutes.

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    Eighth Grade

    Would you grade this film the eighth best film of the year?

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    Sorry to Bother You

    Will you be sorry you bothered to see this film?

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    Is this film great or is it in distress?

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    Leave No Trace

    Should you abandon everything and go see this film?

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    Hearts Beat Loud

    Will this movie make your heart beat loud?

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    Incredibles 2

    Is this just a good movie or is it incredible too?

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    Ocean's 8

    Will you love this movie or will you Ocean's h8 it?

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    Hotel Artemis

    Will you be leaving early or extending your stay?

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    Will you be passing on love or hate of this movie to your offspring?

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    Should you UP your movie-going by seeing a movie of this GRADE?

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    First Reformed

    Should your primary decree be to see this film?

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    Deadpool 2

    Is this movie great, or just a sequel to deceased swimming water?

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    Should you see this film, or should you repress any love you might have for it deep down?

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    The Rider

    Is this film a horse you should back, or rather a horse that is going throw you off its back?

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    Is this the mother of all movies that you should totully see?

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    Borg McEnroe

    Is it exciting or a bit of a Borg?

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    Should you see it or should you LebbaNOT see it?

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    A good movie candidate or should you just let it wash away?

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    A Quiet Place

    Is A Quiet Place quite a good movie, or should you stay quite quiet about it?

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    I Kill Giants

    Is this movie itself a giant monster that deserves killing?

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    Ready Player One

    Is Ready Player One a movie virtually everyone should see?

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    Does it grow into something great?

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    Should only the unsane see this film?

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    Isle of Dogs

    Worth howling for or is it an isle of excrement?

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    Tomb Raider

    Should this film just remain buried out of sight?

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    Love Simon

    Is it worth any love at all?

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