Movie Minutes

Thoughtful reviews of movies in minutes.

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    Incredibles 2

    Is this just a good movie or is it incredible too?

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    Ocean's 8

    Will you love this movie or will you Ocean's h8 it?

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    Hotel Artemis

    Will you be leaving early or extending your stay?

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    Will you be passing on love or hate of this movie to your offspring?

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    Should you UP your movie-going by seeing a movie of this GRADE?

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    First Reformed

    Should your primary decree be to see this film?

  8. Thumb 1526790721 artwork

    Deadpool 2

    Is this movie great, or just a sequel to deceased swimming water?

  9. Thumb 1526072218 artwork


    Should you see this film, or should you repress any love you might have for it deep down?

  10. Thumb 1525712618 artwork

    The Rider

    Is this film a horse you should back, or rather a horse that is going throw you off its back?

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